A Child’s History of the World

I’m about to tell you what I think of a book I’ve never read.  Terrible, I know, and this is NOT a review as such.  It’s not because I haven’t tried that it remains unread.  I’ve tried and tried to read it, and the more I try, the more I hate it.  Written by Virgil Hillyer, it’s often lauded (in homeschool circles, at least) for being written as though a grandfather is telling a child the story of history.  Well, maybe–if the grandfather is completely condescending. Granted, I’ve always been irritated by people who treat children condescendingly–too many people underestimate the minds of children. And granted, not all authors can find that glorious place in brilliant children’s literature where the parents enjoy it just as much as the kids (AA Milne, CS Lewis).  But seriously…I can’t read it without rolling my eyes and frequently want to flat-out scoff.

So why do I even have this book?  It came in a curriculum package.  As the main history book, no less.  Which is why I prefer to pick and choose rather than buy a whole package…which is a whole separate post, really.

My current problem:  what do I DO with this book??  When I run across a book I hate, it bothers me to pass it on.  Yes, I know that’s unreasonable, but I never claimed to be entirely reasonable.  Anybody want this one?

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4 Responses to A Child’s History of the World

  1. Kirsten, I didn’t like that one either. At all.

    My philosophy about books wherein I find faulty thinking is that I do not want to pass it along and possibly contaminate others.

    I know, it’s silly, it’s already ‘out there’. But I just don’t want to add to it.

    So…..how about a home schooling paper mache’ project?


  2. Alesha says:

    I have two different takes on getting rid of books. If they are wrong/evil….I can’t pass them along either. However, if they are just annoying, I don’t mind donating them…or better yet, selling them at half-price books or the like and buying something better later. 🙂

  3. marriedminds says:

    Excellent guidelines:). This one does not align with my belief of how the world began, but I knew that before I got it–that’s something we discuss around here rather than ignore. I should probably just sell it, since there are tons of people out there that love it whether they agree with the beginning or not.

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