Life’s Sundries

Friday morning I got up and was suddenly slammed with a knifing pain below my shoulder blade.  By “slammed,” I mean it took my breath away and had me writhing in an attempt to find a position that didn’t hurt. Sounds like the transition stage of unmedicated labor, doesn’t it?  Dean will confirm that I sounded like I was in labor.  And if you’ve never been there, done that, imagine a charley horse that never stops.  I finally found a position that I could manage not to scream in, took some ibuprofen, and told Dean to go to work, I’d be fine.  Five minutes after he left–and before the ibu kicked in–the kids got up.  Half hour later, I called my mom, who came to my rescue, as she always does.  Long story short, applying heat and stretching slowly multiple times a day until I could stand the massage pillow helped, but it STILL hurts. I’m much more functional, but have to be careful I don’t make certain movements.  Not really sure what the deal is, but Friday was a truly awful day.

On the intermittently sunny days we have around here, we’ve been taking picnic dinners to local spray parks.  I’d be happy to do that every day of the summer–if the weather would cooperate a bit more. I’m thinking a little hibachi would be nice, too–grill stuff on-site. That way I can eat without having to look at all the yard work;).

We’ve been having a family game night on Fridays–the kids nap, then get to stay up late for games.  For the second week in a row, I’m thinking games on a Saturday afternoon might be better–they are SO wound up afterwards!!  Other than that, though, it’s a blast–they’re all old enough now to actually play some games.  It’s a lot more fun when I don’t have to keep an eye on a toddler wanting to grab the game pieces:).  And it’s a great opportunity to work on the I-want-to-win-ALL-games little issue one of the kidlets has, because WOW, does that dampen the fun!

Kind of like the rain is dampening all my plans for today.  Oh, well–a great excuse for another cup of coffee and a book!


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