Plans for 2011/12 #1

Despite hours and hours of research on my part over the past four years, now that Aiden will be in first grade, I’m feeling a little panicked.  No good reason–just seems more “official” or something.  Although I find it fascinating that WA law does not require children to be in school until the age of EIGHT.  I don’t find the age illogical;  what surprises me is that EVERYONE puts their kids in school way before 8.  There’s something to ponder.

Anyway, despite my look-at-all-curriculum-options-AGAIN freak-out, things really are mostly ready.  With Aiden in 1st, Norah in K, and Ronan in P3, all I really need to get is The Story of the World for history–we’ll do Ancient History this year.  There’s a lot of stuff I want, of course, but we’ll see.  When I have everything finalized, I’ll type it all out…which I’m sure everyone will be waiting on the edge of their seat for.

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One Response to Plans for 2011/12 #1

  1. Alesha says:

    I really enjoyed reading what y’all are planning/ loving. Thanks for sharing!!!

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