Story Problems

I’ve never worked on story problems with Aiden.  We’ve figured things out for cooking and games and such, but no workbook-style presentation, or even me setting one up in my mind and asking it.  In spite of that, today from the back of the car came this:

“Mom, if all the ice cream in the ice cream truck costs $2 EXCEPT the Neopolitan Bars, which cost $4, how much money would you have to bring if you wanted to buy 12 Neopolitan Bars?”

And yes, he knew the answer I gave him was correct.  I suspect this came out of a conversation we’d had a few hours earlier about the 4 cases of 12 yogurt cups I bought equalling 48 cups’o’goodness.  But how cool is it that he set up a problem for me??

And so, this is for the unnamed high school math teacher whose idea of a real-life story problem scenario was a boy scout troop trying to figure out when their path and the path of the pack of wolves they magically knew about would intersect (clearly, if you magically know the exact location of a wolf pack AND what direction they’re traveling, you just GO THE OTHER WAY)…If only you would’ve given me story problems about ice cream.

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