The Way of the Cheetah

Over the years I have collected diverse pieces of trivia from a variety of sources. While attending Cal State Hayward, or East Bay, as it is now known, I took a class on animal behavior. Of all the animals we discussed, the one that stood out to me the most was the cheetah.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal. One has been clocked at over 70 miles per hour. It is a formidable hunter, and once it has selected its prey, it will likely make a kill. What is remarkable, though, is that if the cheetah is challenged for its kill, it will walk away.

Many predators will fight for their kill, but the cheetah seems to know that there is no advantage in fighting and possibly getting injured to protect a carcass. It seems to know that other opportunities will present themselves. I feel like we could learn from this.

Matthew chapter 6 verses 19 through 34 gives many examples of what I call the “low-drag lifestyle.” Jesus tells us not lay up treasures here where they are vulnerable to pillage and decay. He asks us to trust Him for our needs. What we find is that eventually our possessions and the striving for them tie us down and rob us of our time and vitality.

It is so easy to become obsessed with our rights and our feeble understanding of what is fair that we miss out on opportunities for God to bless us and demonstrate how He provides things that are way better than what we think we want. Our world is full of jackals, trying to steal our time and energy by getting us worked up over something.  Choose your battles. There are things worth fighting for. Just make sure, before you engage, that your enemy is not using whatever seemingly immediate threat to divert your attention from a more important battle, or drawing you in on his terms.

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One Response to The Way of the Cheetah

  1. I hear in your comments that old thought, “Do not sacrifice the Important on the altar of the Urgent.” I agree wholeheartedly with your thinking on this.

    Travel light,

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