What School Will Be 2011/2012

I just need a moment to take in that date in the title.  2012??  How did THAT happen??  Alright, moving on…since time seems intent upon doing that, anyway.  Here’s a list of what we’re doing for school this year, followed by the expected ramblings.

Math:  Aiden (6.5)–Miquon, Blue Book, Green Book, and maybe more.  He’s already done the first two, and we are both big fans of this math series.  I wish I would’ve learned math this way!  Norah (5) will be doing Singapore 1A/B.  Ronan (3.5), desperately wants a math book of his own, but will start with pattern blocks and counting bears:).

Language Arts:  Aiden–We’re notebooking our customized way along here, with narration, copywork, story-writing, learning the parts of speech, and creating a “dictionary” of new words.  And yes, lots of reading, which he does regardless of anything I do, anyway.  Norah will continue reading the books she can while we continue through Phonics Pathways, and Ronan is loving the alphabet.

Handwriting–I have always hated this, but it’s a necessary evil.  Norah is working on the first grade book of Getty-Dubay, and Aiden is working on the first grade book of A Reason for Handwriting.

History:  We’re all doing Story of the World, Volume 1–and we are excited!!  The book is written as a narrative to be read aloud, and the activity book that goes with it is wonderfully easy to follow and has some great activities in it that aren’t just crafts (although it has those as well).   There are also lists of additional books to read in each chapter, so I’m utilizing the library for extra fun.  We’ll be notebooking with this, as well.  So far, this is everyone’s favorite–even Ronan asks to do History!

Science:  Aiden will be using Apologia’s Astronomy, Norah will be tagging along as it works out, and we’ll all be reading our wide array of awesome kids’ science books, doing random fun experiments, and looking up the answers to the additional random questions that get asked around here:).

Spelling:  Aiden is the classic example of an excellent reader that is NOT a natural at spelling (yeah, I used to think those didn’t exist, either).  Norah actually likes to spell, so I’m going to do Sequential Spelling with both of them, modified so that they’re using these http://www.amazon.com/Lauri-Avalanche-of-Letters/dp/B0007P94VY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1314680663&sr=8-2.

Critical Thinking:  Aiden is doing one of the books from Critical Thinking Company, and all of the kids are working on puzzles and games.  I have my eye on a lot more for this subject, but I can’t spend an entire paycheck on it:).

We’ll be working on an art/manners book as well that I’ll post a review of later–seems a weird combo, I know, but hey–it looked fun.

We’re doing various and sundry other things as well, of course–Aiden’s learning to type, we learn a new hymn each week, we’re all working on Spanish, and I’m always scoping out free stuff like mazes and puzzles to keep busy minds from boredom.

We also have Friday as a “game day”–which sometimes means board games galore, and sometimes means getting together with the amazing homeschool group I found.  Art Club, Nature Club, field trips, just-plain-play times…really excited to have found this (for the kids AND me!!).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…life IS learning around here, and I’m big on “teachable moments,” so “school” happens a lot.

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