Books in the Kitchen

The other day I was in the kitchen looking for something, and it occurred to me that I had a lot of books in there.  Not cookbooks, but books.  So, here’s my list of books currently in my kitchen:

Organized Simplicity (go ahead, laugh it up)

John Donne, a Critical Edition of the Major Works (best poet EVER)

Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion (supposed to have pre-read before giving to Aiden)

O for a Thousand Nights to Sleep (funny baby’s first year book that I meant to give someone??)

The Hiding Place (reread that because it’s something that should be reread every few years at least)

Jungle Doctor’s Enemies (another pre-read with a scary picture on the front)

Little House in the Big Woods (no idea why this was there)

Lion Hunter:  An African Love Story (good book)

Reptiles (some freebie paperback for kids)

i, Robot (first sci-fi book I’ve read–it was good)

Julie (meant to reread it, but didn’t)

The Gulag Archipelago (been trying to read this for years, but…well, the subject matter is tough in so many ways)

And yes, a couple of cookbooks:).

And yes, I do read in the kitchen.

So, there you go.  Anyone else have any books in the kitchen?  I’m going to put mine back on the shelf or my desk (Organized Simplicity belongs there)…except for Donne.  He stays.

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6 Responses to Books in the Kitchen

  1. I’ll have to look up “Organized Simplicity” — sounds like something I need! lol At the moment the only book I have in the kitchen is a crockpot cooking book and a copy of “Real Simple” magazine (that had the recipe for tonight’s dinner in it). Ask me again tomorrow though… And don’t ask about the bathroom!!


    • marriedminds says:

      It’s really, really good–the author is Tsh Oxenreider (no, I didn’t transfer any vowels from first to last name there!). As to the books in the bathroom…ahem…that’s a whole other post;).

  2. Mmmm…bit of an eclectic list. Here’s mine:

    See Delphi and Die by Lindsey Davis….murder mystery featuring Marcus Didious Falco; Elementary Physical Science…Ron brought it to me the other day and asked if we still needed it; Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson…good weight workout starting on pg. 114; Cliffs Math Review for Standardized Tests…gotta post it on; The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers…light kitchen reading; and The Sign of the Book…another mystery. I read in the kitchen too!

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