What They Said

I’m not sure quite how to do this–a post for every single funny thing one of the kids says seems a bit much.  For now, I’ll just try editing this post to add new ones–sort of a running, random catalog, if you will.  I’ll intersperse current gems with random bits from years back.

9/27/11  Aiden (6):  “Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphs, and Canadians wrote in cuneiform.”

4/28/09  Dean was reading a book at bedtime that ended with, “And Spotty did.”  He closed the book and Norah (2.5)  asked, “Why is Spotty dead?”

3/20/09  We went to Pt. Defiance Zoo today.  When we got in sight of the family statue there, Aiden (4) said, [in a suspicious tone] “Is that an idol?”

10/8/11  We got caught in an accident back-up after a long day, and no-nap Ronan said to me (I was driving), “Mom, I feel like I just want to come up there and hug you.”  *melt*

9/18/11  Norah put on the dress she wore as a flower girl the day before and asked Aiden how she looked.  He glanced up from his book and said, “The same as you looked yesterday, but without all the attention.”  She was NOT happy about that response;).

2/09 Norah sings “Wide, Wide as the Ocean,” but instead of singing the line, “I, though so unworthy” she sings “Why am I so pretty?”

4/30/09  Aiden to Norah:  “I have got to die for your sin of pushing Ronan [she had just done this].  [pause]  I have died.  [pause]  I am alive again.  [pause]  You can all come up to Heaven now to live with me forever.”

10/20/11  Norah, as we were getting ready to do History:  “I have to go to the bathroom before we do hineology.”  That’s what she calls hieroglyphs.

10/19/11  I made a math station on the wall–where the kids could make up their own problems.  I did numbers and the signs for addition, multiplication, etc.  After the started using it, Aiden said, “Mom, you forgot to make negative numbers.”  After staring blankly at him, I told him to just use the minus sign while I made some extra ones.

11/12/11  The kids were running around playing, and Norah shouted, “Daddy, we’re fiery warriors for God and superheroes!”

12/14/11  Yesterday I told a reluctant-to-come Ronan that the world wasn’t going to end if he left his cars to eat his lunch.  So today when I told him it was time for lunch, he heaved a deep sigh and said, “But then the world will end and we’ll have to go to Heaven!”

7/18/09 Aiden  “If we get too obese, we might explode and become short.

4/5/12  Ronan:  “You should move the dryer so I don’t keep bumping into it.”

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