Ghost of Owner Previous

So last night I noticed the bathroom mirror was loose–the screw holding one of the bottom sides was halfway out of the wall.  After further examination, I worried about it falling on the kids and decided to take it down–it was here when we moved in and was old and tacky anyway.  I held it while Dean unscrewed it (did I mention it was MIDNIGHT?), and as he was doing that, I said, “Bet there’s a hole in the wall behind this.”  Every time we’ve replaced or repaired anything in this house, there’s been something ridiculous under what looked just fine outwardly.  Sure enough, it looked like someone took a hammer and smashed a 5×6″ hole in the drywall.  There were a few other smaller holes–like the size of a penny.  It’s patchable, and we were reminded again of how glad we are to have painted the bathroom.  I’m sure the current apple green is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but after that Grey Poupon color, we needed something brighter.

Now that we have that old mirror off anyway, we thought about framing it out or something, but can’t because of an oddly-placed electrical outlet (another lovely feature of the house–very, very strange outlet situations here).  I think I’ll just hope there’s enough green paint left for the mayhem (3 different colors!!!) that removing the mirror revealed and start perusing Craigslist and other avenues for a free/cheap mirror set-up.  While I won’t miss cleaning it, the kids will–and I’ll miss having an easy chore to assign the youngest.

While we don’t have any truly horrific stories about stuff left/done by the previous owner, there’s just been a lot of irritating things which become all the more irritating in that they leave us with more work, but without a good story.  Now THAT’S adding insult to injury!

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8 Responses to Ghost of Owner Previous

  1. I’m curious now about what all the owners following my family as I was growing up thought. We left some serious chaos in our wake! My dad was one of those do-it-yourself types that was usually lucky he didn’t electrocute himself. My mom usually had to call a professional to try to “fix” whatever he had recently attacked!

  2. marriedminds says:

    LOL Yes, my dad did a lot around the house, too. But while Dad may have been creatively unconventional, he was never sloppy about it–I don’t think he played with the electricity, though;).

    My “favorite” from this house is the bedroom ceiling fan being GLUED on. GLUED. o.O There was also a big hole in a wall when we moved in that hadn’t been there during the walk-through–after his real estate agent yelling at our and accusing us of being liars, I just patched it. And then the phone calls from police in different states counties/states started–I think the guy was a life-long scammer, personally.

    • Angie W. says:

      A fan glued on. Oy. Well, we have the situation where WE were the culprits. Something we did in the downstairs bathroom was wrong (I use the word “we” loosely because I’m the painter) and the toilet had a slow leak resulting in us tearing up our bathroom this weekend. Tonight we were at Home Depot picking out tile for the 2nd remodel. Joy. I think I’d rather blame it on someone else.

      • marriedminds says:

        Ugh, Ang!! Unplanned remodels of necessity are just UGH. Yes, that’s a technical term:). We have things we’re the culprits of, too–and I agree, it’s nicer to blame others for it when you can;).

  3. Brooke says:

    Kirsten, I hesitate to ask–but how did you find out it was glued on? When it fell on you in the middle of the night????

    • marriedminds says:

      Thankfully, it wasn’t disastrous. I was on the bed under it, nursing Norah, when I noticed it was shaking. I moved, finished, then called Dean to investigate. He climbed up to tighten the screws and couldn’t find any. As we were searching in the not-too-many places screws could be on a fan, the whole thing fell off in his hand. No screws or holes anywhere on the ceiling–just what appeared to be glue:/. And there were screwholes in the fan base, so I’m making the assumption that it wasn’t supposed to be just glued on;).

      Was thinking about you yesterday, Brooke–miss you!

      • Brooke says:

        Can’t even imagine thinking about using glue (especially with something involving electrical wires!!! I miss you too! Between MG going to Tuesday evenings (which I understand–it’s chaotic with all the kids and you home school mamas have extra chaos) and you ditching us on the MG fb page, I feel like I might…never….see….you….again….gulp….sob. : )

      • marriedminds says:

        Come see me:). Anytime–can’t promise what the house’ll look like;), but there’s typically at least one room clean at a time…you just better hope it’s not the bathroom that week;D. Seriously, though, pop in on your way to your parents at least! And I do think we should still have MG DAYS 2-4 times a year–maybe a January Doldrums gathering?

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