Anyone Need to Slow Down?

I love Christmas.  I’ve never been a fan of the commercial hype, but have only gotten less and less so.  I like to keep things focused on the Reason, simple, and enjoyable.

In other words, you won’t find me out standing in long lines or dodging pepper spray on Black Friday.  I’m not one to flip out over what to cook for dinner or what to get the kids.  I like to give the house a thorough cleaning (although no two room ever seem to get and stay clean at the same time), pull out the Playmobil nativity, set up my burgeoning tree collection,  put lights up inside the house, make cookies for the neighbors with the kids, play board games, and just relish the peacefulness.  And if you want to get away from the bustle for a cup of coffee, I’m the one to call–I’ll fit it (and you!) in.

But, if you’re hustling and bustling and need to slow down for a more scenic view, I’ve got a surefire method for doing so.

Sprain your ankle.

I hope you don’t take my advice–it leans towards the painful side.

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10 Responses to Anyone Need to Slow Down?

  1. I do want to come have coffee and slow down! I’ll pass on the ankle though….

    • marriedminds says:

      C’mon down! 🙂 Smart choice regarding the ankle. But I know that if you were so unfortunate, you’d at least have a good story as to HOW it got sprained;).

      • I don’t know if it would be a good story, but it would likely be a pretty humiliating one 😉

        Still trying to figure out a time that works. Between the plague and my mom’s birthday, things are insane. I really wish I still lived in Tacoma!

      • marriedminds says:


        Sorry about the plague part:/. I know how it is, though–I’ll wait for less insane;).

  2. beck says:

    Ouch! How did it happen?

    • marriedminds says:

      Stupidly. How else? 😉 I was carrying an armful of books down the ONE step we have in the house. According to Dean who saw it happen, it looked like my shoe slipped on the wood. The rest isn’t pretty;). The kids all gathered around me as I lay on the floor assessing the damage and patted my back and kissed me, and Norah appointed herself as head nurse and did an excellent job holding the straw in my water glass for me and tucking me in within an inch of my life;). Dean got ice on it right away, I started popping the ibuprofen, and we hauled Dean’s walking boot out of the closet for today’s adventures. Gently pressing on and hoping it heals quickly!

  3. Angie W. says:

    Oh no! I missed this. See this is what happens when I don’t see you at Bible study. But never fear. Today it dawned on me that I could click that little box at the bottom of this page and get an email when you’d updated. :). So I shall not be the in-the-dark-uncaring friend any longer. Hope your ankle is all better now!

    • marriedminds says:

      Hilarious:). And I had a huge boot on my foot Sunday night;). It’s doing great, though–I wore one of Dean’s old walking boots for the first 3 days when I was out-and-about (i.e., I WOULD sprain my ankle just before helping in the kitchen for the play!) for fear of re-injuring it and because it hurt like crazy to walk on it, and took it off at home to ice and move it. I switched to a tightly-tied tennis shoe on Monday, and it’s doing SO much better. I feel a bit hesitant, especially today when I wore other shoes to the Nutcracker in an attempt to not look like a complete freak. But it’s so much better than I hoped it would be!!! When I was sprawled on the floor assessing, I had horrible images of me crutching it for a week:/.

      • Angie W. says:

        Yes, because a crutch would be a fun addition to the Christmas season. Particularly the Nutcracker. :). How was it?

      • marriedminds says:

        🙂 I had more fun watching the kids watch it than actually watching it myself! Norah was on the edge of her seat the whole time, and every time a song started that is on our Tchaikovsky CD–which was probably 4 or 5 times–she’d lean over to Sylvia and whisper really loudly, “It’s Tchaikovsky!” LOL Aiden declared that the only good part was the fight with the mice, and Ronan loved the first half and slept the second half:). A general success!

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