Calendar of Blessings

A couple months ago, I realized that I needed to write down the good things so I could look at them when I was feeling not-so-good.  I don’t mean things like having an awesome husband and kids, but those random, unexpected things that really do happen.  You know, those things we forget about when we feel like we’re swimming in lemons and can’t find the juicer.

So I started writing them down on a calendar that I had originally intended as a prayer calendar–a place to write down the names of people/issues that I wanted to remember to pray for/about.  And wow, did I get stuff to write down.

I’ve always really, really struggled with the whole God-will-provide bit.  I know the verses, I know the stories, but in my head, I tend to add “for OTHER people”.  I can look back and see a LOT of good, but in my more unreasonable moments, I’m a fan of this calendar thing.  Here’s four things I was very excited to write down this last month:

1.  My neighbor knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted a Thomas the Train bed for Ronan.  Free.  Mattress and sheets and blanket included.  It was the SAME one I’d seen on Craigslist last year at this time and just couldn’t afford.  So now Ronan has this:  and he is THRILLED.

2.  I was looking at Nutcracker ticket prices–I had really wanted us all to go last year, but just couldn’t swing it.  This year I still couldn’t find anything that would work–even the nosebleed seats were just too much.  I sighed and reminded myself that some kids don’t have enough food–mine weren’t going to be bereft if they didn’t see the Nutcracker this year.  That night, my father-in-law called and said they wanted to take us all to the Nutcracker for our Christmas gift!  We’re going tomorrow!

3.  The zipper on my coat broke last spring, so I can’t zip it up.  Trips to the park get a little chilly without a zipped coat.  I’d been perusing the racks at Goodwill, but hadn’t found anything.  So my mom called up and said she had a coat that was a promotional special with an online order she’d placed.  She was planning on using it, but it was too big and she thought it might work for me.  And now I have a coat that zips!!

4.  My pair of black shoes went the way of the dodo a month or so ago.  Like water was seeping in–from the bottom.  Again, I’d been checking Goodwill in hopes of finding something that would work.  Lots of black shoes there–most of them high heels.   So Dean’s company Christmas party came along, and I found myself wearing a pair of black heels I bought a few years ago that I swear have gotten smaller.  Really uncomfortable.  And by ‘uncomfortable,’ I mean that at the end of the party, I asked Dean to just bring the car around because I just could not fathom traipsing  limping across that entire parking lot.  I barely refrained from tossing them in the trash when we got home–but I figure I can just add to the stack of black heels at Goodwill.

As I was recounting the awful shoe event to a friend and neighbor, I mentioned that someone kept donating Danskos that were a size too small for me to Goodwill, but I always tried them on anyway, just in case.  She jumped up, left the room, and came back with a pair of BLACK DANSKOS that she hadn’t been able to wear since having kids.  They FIT.  So now I have these:

Hard to feel less-than-a-sparrow in the face of all that.          (


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7 Responses to Calendar of Blessings

  1. I love this 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful when things work out, despite everything? I was planning on doing kind of a similar post…

  2. Angie W. says:

    I love this post. And I’m so happy for you! :).

  3. I wish I could see the kids’ faces at Nutcracker…especially with the dancing presents, etc. Was it wonderful?

    • marriedminds says:

      Yes:). Norah was literally on the edge of her seat and every time a song started that is on our Tchaikovsky CD–which was probably 4 or 5 times–she’d lean over to Sylvia and whisper really loudly, “It’s Tchaikovsky!” LOL Aiden’s favorite part was the fight with the mice, Norah was enraptured by all of it, and Ronan loved the first half and declared two minutes into the second half that he “couldn’t wait until it was over.” He fell asleep during the second half!

  4. Sylvia Kilcup says:

    Saturday Dec. 17.
    What a beautiful sunshine day in Olympia, special day for the Kilcups, this afternoon we are taking the youngest of our Grandchildren to see the Nutcracker ballet, we are all very excited.
    We wish a Merry Christmas full of love and joy to all our friends, blessings from Dan and Sylvia ♥, ♥
    Monday Dec 19.
    And a great time was had by all. God bless you Kilcups, Aiden, Norah and Ronan you made our day. Dean and Kirsten, thanks for raising such a loving trio of children.

  5. Brooke says:

    Love all of this! You always make me think, my dear friend. And boy do I wish I could have seen/heard your kids (most especially Norah) at the ballet!

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