Phoebe the Guinea Pig

So yesterday, the eventual had-to-happen occurred.  Our guinea pig “got dead,” as Ronan put it.

Ronan wept and wept, the poor little guy.  Norah was sad, asked if we could get a puppy now, and then cried over having to bury her rather than keep her in the house.  Aiden immediately went scientific and explained *why* we couldn’t keep her in the house while she was dead.  Norah’s reaction was the most complex–lots of questions about how and why she died, what would happen to her now, etc.  She took comfort that she probably died in her sleep and not in pain, as we (thank you, God) didn’t hear her squeak-shrieking in distress.

The kids each went in and looked at her, and the boys gave her a couple final pets–Norah was too freaked out by the fact that she was dead to pet her.  I cut appropriately-sized paper to tape on the shoebox that was her final resting place and the kids decorated it with pictures of Phoebe and beads.

Aiden chose to help dig the hole, and he and Norah put the box in the ground.  And yes, I tied it up in a plastic bag (“to keep the box nice”).   While digging, we turned up a Phoebe-shaped rock that is now decorated like a guinea pig and placed as a memorial stone.

And now…let the nagging for a puppy begin.  I previously answered that request with the fact that we could not get a puppy while we had Phoebe–how’s that for lack of forethought?


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6 Responses to Phoebe the Guinea Pig

  1. brooke says:

    I’m sorry the Phoebe died–but mostly I’m sorry you’ll be fighting the puppy war now. Tell Norah I don’t blame her one little bit for not wanting to pet Phoebe after she got dead. Also, I’m praising the Lord right along with you that you did not have to hear any squeak shrieking : )

    • marriedminds says:

      Amen and amen to that last one! Talk about God’s mercy!! The kids have been doing great, though–way better than when our puppy died:/.

      Sadly, if we could afford to at this point, I would be leading the charge for a puppy;). But, we want a certain kind due to Dean’s asthma and (yes, I admit it) my unwillingness to have dog hair all over the house, so we can’t just run down to the pound and choose from their large variety of pit bulls. Drat;).

  2. brooke says:

    Tadd’s Mom is a Froese : ) It’s his fault that the kids have to add so many other names to their “who I’m related to” list. Kilcup is the only one that is my fault and I feel bad enough for that. Sorry to further confuse you on our family tree. And I didn’t totally figure out which limb Dean came from until a few years ago. It’s a big crazy tree!

    • marriedminds says:

      Wow. So…crazy. I also think WaWa must be some sort of vortex. 😀

      Yeah, I’m blame-free as I came unrelated;). Dean’s branches read like a Vortex History;). lol

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. How’s the conversation about a puppy coming along?

    • marriedminds says:

      The conversation stopped after I told them that I’d love a puppy, but we just couldn’t get one right now. Apparently, my willingness made them figure it would happen eventually:).

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