More Tough Questions

As the kidlets get older, their questions have gotten a lot heavier.  It’s impossible to prepare in detail, because I just never know what they’ll come up with, so I’ve “prepared” to just be honest and age-appropriate.  If they know enough to ask the question, they shouldn’t be brushed off.  I’m not a fan of the “I’ll tell you when you’re older” response…but that’s another blog post.

The other day, Aiden told me he didn’t think the new neighbor had a dad.  Having spent a little time talking with his mom, I knew she was divorced and that the boy’s dad shows up infrequently.  So I told Aiden that the neighbor had a dad, he just didn’t live with them.  That led to the following conversation, in which I did NOT discuss infidelity or abuse as reasons for divorce because he’s SEVEN.  I was floundering around, trying for simple and age-appropriate, remember!

Aiden:  Mom, I can’t remember what divorce is.  What is it?
Me:  Well, it’s sad.  It’s when a married couple decides they don’t want to be married anymore.
A:  If it’s sad, why do they do it?
M:  Well, sometimes there are a lot of problems and they just decide they can’t fix it.  Sometimes one of them says they don’t love the other person anymore.
A:  I can understand not being able to fix something, but I can’t understand not loving someone anymore.

I wanted to weep for joy that he can’t understand that.

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3 Responses to More Tough Questions

  1. Kathy says:

    The questions little people can come up with – THEY ARE THINKERS!
    You had a very wise answer for your little man.
    Bless you lots,
    just me,
    Grandma to four Ü
    June 14
    Proverbs 14: 31
    He who is gracious to the needy honor his Maker
    ( starting now )

  2. brooke says:

    Lovely, Aiden. Now, if only you weren’t related to Caroline, I could say yes to you marrying her : ) Those questions are so hard. After we picked Tadd up from work a few weeks ago we passed the YWCA which led to “what does it stand for” “but why do those ladies have to live there” etc. It’s so hard for them to understand these things they have been blessed not to have to experience–PTL. I hate to think about all the little ones who DO understand, all too well.

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