High Point

The highest point of my parenting journey is happening right now, and doesn’t even involve me.

Earlier this afternoon, Aiden was telling Dean about stuff he wanted to do to be “manly,” so Dean asked him what he thought it meant to be manly.  After discussing it a bit, and asking me for my perspective, Dean asked Aiden if he’d like to do a Bible study with him to discover what it meant to be a man.  Aiden thought that was a great idea, but that they needed a building or special spot.  He put two chairs in his room, got his Bible and a highlighter, and he and Dean are sitting in there reading and discussing different verses and manliness.

Every time Dean puts the end of his pen up to his mouth, Aiden does the same.  He looks up every verse and highlights it.  Dean’s arm is around his shoulders, and Aiden leans his head against Dean’s shoulder and talks about the Psalms and what kind of man David was.  Unbeknownst to them, I watch through the open door, my heart overflowing at the sight of my man coming alongside our son and guiding him in a way I never could.

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  1. Kathy says:

    love reading your posts

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