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Habakkuk. Major of the Minors.

The last few months have been marked by a lot of change… most of it not what we hoped for. We are at a time of much uncertainty, and an apparent turning away from the principles and morals that have … Continue reading

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Fatherhood: an honor and an obligation.

Yesterday afternoon, Aiden and I began a journey together. It is a journey that will go on beyond my lifetime. It is the journey of manhood. This journey is as individual as the people walking it. In our case, because … Continue reading

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High Point

The highest point of my parenting journey is happening right now, and doesn’t even involve me. Earlier this afternoon, Aiden was telling Dean about stuff he wanted to do to be “manly,” so Dean asked him what he thought it … Continue reading

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More Tough Questions

As the kidlets get older, their questions have gotten a lot heavier.  It’s impossible to prepare in detail, because I just never know what they’ll come up with, so I’ve “prepared” to just be honest and age-appropriate.  If they know … Continue reading

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Native Garden Adventures

Tonight I tossed together a random picnic dinner–the highlight of which was dessert in the form of still-warm peach crisp– and drove down to the Native Garden in Pt. Defiance Park.  While the park itself is popular and often crowded, … Continue reading

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Phoebe the Guinea Pig

So yesterday, the eventual had-to-happen occurred.  Our guinea pig “got dead,” as Ronan put it. Ronan wept and wept, the poor little guy.  Norah was sad, asked if we could get a puppy now, and then cried over having to … Continue reading

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Update on Where We’ve Been

Yes, it’s been a long time since we posted.  I do think Dean has a post or two in the drafts folder, but to summarize since last post:  Aiden turned 7, Christmas, January doldrums, a big snow in there somewhere, … Continue reading

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